Sarah Palin runs over NASCAR commentator Michael Waltrip

Palin at Daytona 500
Photo Credit Shealah Craighead, SarahPAC.

Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin leveled Fox Sports commentator Michael Waltrip in response to a comment he made during coverage of the NASCAR race at Las Vegas Motor Speedway on Sunday, according to Twitchy.

The incident began when Waltrip mentioned the crew chief for one of the drivers, using the term “master strategery” when he intended to say “master strategist,” Twitchy reports.

Realizing his mistake, Waltrip referred to the crew chief as having “Palin strategery.”

Palin responded via Twitter early Wednesday: “Hey Waltrip, final lap & you still don’t have your facts right. Get some “strategery” and check your facts before you shoot off your mouth.”

Waltrip responded just a few minutes later by “tweeting” a photo (seen below) he had taken with the Palin family, adding that she was one of his “fav people on earth.” He did not apologize.

Twitchy notes that the word “strategery” was coined more than a decade ago in a Saturday Night Live sketch in which comedian Will Ferrell portrayed President George W. Bush.


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