Fla. lawmaker tries to extend Daylight Savings Time: Are you in?

Daylight Savings Time

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In “light” of the new Rasmussen poll showing 45 percent of Americans are tired of changing their clocks twice a year, Florida Sen. Darren Soto introduced the “Sunshine Protection Act” that would keep the state on Daylight Savings Time year ‘round. Floridians would never “fall back” and lose that hour of sunshine.

“Our government first switched to Daylight Saving Time during both world wars to save energy,” Fox 13 Orlando reported. “President Ronald Reagan moved up the start date to early April, then President George W. Bush moved it up to early March.”

“Floridians’ quality-of-life and, potentially, economics would be improved by having an hour more of sunshine in the afternoon,” Soto told the news station.

According to the article, critics of extending Daylight Savings Time say the energy savings isn’t really all that much. “A federal study put the savings at around a half of one percent,” Fox reported.

The main concern, though, is the confusion that would ensue with Florida being one hour ahead of the rest of the east coast for half of the year.

What are your thoughts?

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Read the Fox 13 Orlando report here.

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14 thoughts on “Fla. lawmaker tries to extend Daylight Savings Time: Are you in?

  1. Randy says:

    Why not just change it by one half hour then leave it alone… All this crap the government comes up with is stupid, just get it over with and remove daylight savings time all together…

  2. Nancy Plum says:

    I'd prefer to stay on Standard Time year-round. Daylight Saving Time doesn't "save" anything . . . it just transfers to morning what used to be dark in the evening. We don't create extra daylight. Instead of turning on your lights for more time in the evening, you turn them on in the morning because it's dark when you arise. Come June 21st, the sun doesn't go down until so late that parents often have problems getting their young children to bed at an appropriate time. It throws everything off. Back to Standard Time, all the time.

  3. I like your intentions……………..Liz

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