Dr. Ben Carson: Government intrusion a ‘very, very serious issue’

Dr. Ben Carson appeared on “Fox and Friends” Tuesday morning to share his thoughts on sequester cuts, budget plans and President Obama’s new attempts at bi-partisan outreach.

Carson noted increasing “government intrusion” in our lives is a “very, very serious issue,” and that people need to be aware we are giving up personal freedoms by allowing it.

“When this country was founded our taxation rates were relatively small,” Carson said. “The tea party brewed up over something that wasn’t anywhere near what we are doing today.”

He said he looked at Rep. Paul Ryan’s budget plan and found it “does work,” saying he understands budgets even though he is a physician.

But he was most passionate about the impact on our soldiers due to sequester cuts.  He was sharply critical of the cuts to Veteran’s educational benefits:

Look at what’s happening to the Veteran’s educational benefits. I mean that’s absurd. These people putting their lives on the line, many of them who joined the military force for the educational benefits. And now we say no, we’re not going to give that to them because of the sequester. That is so absurd. That’s the very last thing that anybody who cares about our nation and our veterans should be doing.

Watch Dr. Carson’s interview via Fox News here:


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