How Ted Cruz plans to defund Obamacare

Ted Cruz

Ted Cruz: “I am willing to employ any procedural means necessary.”
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Firebrand Republican Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas came out against Obamacare in a big way Monday. In doing so he joined a growing number of Americans as well as House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan, R-Wisc.

According to a Rasmussen poll released Monday, more people want to see Obamacare repealed than favor it.

“Voters continue to give the president’s health care law tepid reviews and believe overwhelmingly that individuals should have the power to pick the kind of coverage they want,” the report begins.

Cruz, meanwhile, announced his intention to offer an amendment to an upcoming continuing resolution, which the Senate will consider this week to fund the federal government until the end of the current fiscal year. His amendment would cut off funding to the Affordable Care Act throughout fiscal year 2013 according to CNSNews.

“I believe we will have a vote on this amendment and I have said I am willing to employ any procedural means necessary to ensure that we do get a vote on the amendment,” Cruz told reporters Monday.

This announcement came one day after Ryan told “Fox News Sunday” host Chris Wallace that the House budget, which will be published Tuesday, does not include funding for Obamacare.

“The historic levels of growth have been 3.3 percent,” said Cruz. “In my view, at a minimum, we should see a return to those historic levels of growth before Congress is willing to contemplate putting through another massive burden on the economy that hurts productivity and kills jobs.”

He appeared “On The Record” with Greta Van Susteren late Monday evening.

“I think the top priority of every elected representative in Washington should be economic growth,” he began. “If you look at the past four years, our economy’s not growing. And in the last four years, it’s grown 0.8 percent a year. And as a result of that stagnant growth, we’re not able to get 23 million people back to work. Our federal balance sheet remains a train wreck.”

Van Susteren got right to the nuts and bolts of the Cruz amendment, asking him, “is there any likelihood you’re going to get a vote on this?”

Although Cruz admitted it wasn’t likely, he noted that the Senate will more-than-likely include at least one more amendment to the resolution “which will send it back to the House, and I’m hopeful the House, if they get this back, will add this to the continuing resolution and will be willing to send it to the president and see if the president is willing to try to shut down the government in order to insist that ObamaCare be implemented now, even though the economy is gasping, people are hurting, jobs are not there, and implementing ObamaCare now could make things a lot worse.”

Watch the entire interview below.


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6 thoughts on “How Ted Cruz plans to defund Obamacare

  1. Cassandra says:

    Between Ted Cruz and Rand Paul, I am starting to feel very optimistic again that the socialist agenda being pushed on unsuspecting Americans may finally meet serious opposition.

    I always wondered why Romney did not run against the 3,000 page rules and regulations in Obamacare. The old guard Republicans are missing the point, and seem quite irrelevant. I put the Bush dynasty & Karl Rove squarely in that category.

    The new blood in the Senate is helping restore my faith in the Republicans in the government.

    1. suretylink says:

      Because Cassandra, he was author of Romneycare that wasn't that much different. Romney's argument that Obamacare was unconstitutional, but Romneycare wasn't because the latter was a state as opposed to a federal program, had some academic merit. However, it did not change the fact that comprehensive, universal health care is bad policy because it is unaffordable (even in the short run given the state of US spending) and violates insurance underwriting standards in several important ways. I thought Romney's best chance was to push Ryan's ideas. Instead, he pushed Ryan to the background at the end of the campaign in an effort to push moderates in swing states. He would have been better off getting turnout in his base, since all the moderates who tuned out Obama had chosen to do so long before.

  2. Dawn Bennett says:

    Thank you Senator Cruz.Thank God for you and Senator Paul and others like you. obamacare needs to be dufunded. But please watch out for anything that pushes amnesty attached to this proposal or any other. Giving amnesty to 30-40 million illegals will ensure a one party system and our country will be no more. Please hold your ground. On obamacare and amnesty you are the last hope we have against tyranny

    Thank you

  3. Angel Nova says:

    We need more and more conservatives like Ted Cruz otherwise this country will be taken over by parasite liberal democrats with no more hosts to suck! I am glad he , Ted Cruz is here and may God bless him always!

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