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Fla. invaded by large, blood-sucking insects: Obama doomsday?

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As if President Barack Obama’s doomsday predictions regarding sequestration weren’t enough for Floridians, we now learn that we are being invaded by giant mosquitoes.

With the world as we know it coming to an end, according to the president’s dire prognostications, USA Today tells us that Florida could be dealing with the added burden of large bloodsucking insects.

Mosquitoes the size of quarters “that pack a ferocious bite,” called gallinippers, saw a bumper crop after Tropical Storm Debby hit last summer, according to a LiveScience report, and after another rainy season could produce even more.

Who knew? As a resident of the Sunshine State, it seems I would have noticed giant mosquitoes.

A gallinipper is 20 times the size of a typical mosquito, “and it’s mean, and it goes after people, and it bites, and it hurts,” Anthony Pelaez of Tampa’s Museum of Science and Industry told USA Today. A gallinipper bite “feels like you’re being stabbed.”

Resistance is futile?

USA Today notes the giant mosquito — first mentioned in 1897, when a writer called it “the shyest, slyest, meanest and most venomous of them all” — may be resistant to bug repellent and likes to strike fish, wild animals, and pets.”

So if you’re in Florida this summer and get a stabbing feeling, there could be more to it than just the angst you’re feeling about the state of politics in this country.

Tom Tillison


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