Dem leaders to Ashley Judd: Not so fast

Ashley Judd
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Although those close to actress Ashley Judd say, “it’s on,” — “on” being a 2014 battle to wrest the U.S. senate seat away from Senate Minority leader Mitch McConnell — the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee is saying, “not so fast.”

“We think there are actually a handful of quality candidates in Kentucky, that there’s actually a deep bench,” said DSCC executive director, Guy Cecil according to Politico. “Quality candidates would include folks like the secretary of state and folks like Ashley Judd.”

The Kentucky state secretary Cecil referred to is Alison Lundergan Grimes, who has also thrown her hat in the ring for McConnell’s seat.

Cecil made his remarks in a conference call to reporters after a report circulated in the Louisville Eccentric Observer that party officials were re-evaluating their prior “all-in” support for Judd “after a recent poll the DSCC conducted,” which indicated “that Grimes performed better than Judd and gave Democrats the best chance at victory.”

Cecil called McConnell “one of the most unpopular senators in the country,” and referred to survey results indicating 55 percent viewed him unfavorably.

Public Policy Polling issued a press release in early January giving Congress as a whole an 85 percent disapproval rating. In comparison, McConnell sounds way ahead of the pack.

“This race will be a top priority for us,” Cecil continued. “We’re going to be focused on making sure that we recruit and that ultimately a candidate runs who can take on Mitch McConnell and ultimately draw a very strong contrast.”

Politico’s James Hohmann notes the popularity of Grimes with Kentuckians:

Grimes, 34, defeated an incumbent Democrat in a 2011 primary and beat a Republican that November with more votes than any other Democrat running statewide. She’s the daughter of a former state party chairman.

A Monday Roll Call article brought up the fact that Judd’s environmental stances won’t sit too well with the voters of Eastern Kentucky — coal country. Judd referred to mountaintop-removal coal mining a “scourge on our people and on our land.”

All-in-all, Judd’s chances as the Democratic nominee for the Senate, let alone winning a general election against McConnell, appear less likely.

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