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Bergstein makes news: Does FAU have an anti-Semitism problem?

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I was interviewed on March 11 by WPTV in West Palm Beach about a video I recently put together calling attention to Students for Justice in Palestine’s hate rallies on the Florida Atlantic University campus. The group falsely labels Israel as a pitiless terrorist state and places children’s body bags splattered with fake blood around campus to symbolize Israeli brutality.

My purpose in releasing the video was not to condemn the FAU administration’s permission of such an activity. Students on campus have a constitutional right to freely express their opinions. But the school’s officials had a right to condemn such actions as incendiary and overly provocative. I’d like to see these officials’ reaction if the KKK demonstrated on campus.

I was troubled by a Hillel student’s concern that I had called for FAU alumni to stop donating to the school. She also joined the Students for Justice in Palestine leader in condemning my video, which was supportive of Israel and Jewish students on campus. The possible loss of funding appeared to be her main concern. I’m no accountant, but FAU’s operating budget for this year is about $239 million, with $23 million for athletics, mainly for a football team that offers no educational value to students.

Any funding shortfalls that may come from angry alumni dropping their support could easily be made up by reducing the athletic budget.

But why would the campus Hillel chapter, with its own well-paid director, place a student in front of the camera? Wouldn’t it have been more professional if the Hillel director had given the group’s evaluation of the Muslim anti-Israel/Jewish problems on campus?

It appears that Jewish student body leaders either refuse to face up to the explosive situation at the school or are playing footsie with the administration in order to keep this issue under wraps. Either way, watch out. This is a perfect pressure-cooker scenario.

See the interview with WPTV here:

See the video about FAU here:


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