Google street view vehicle
Fla. AG Pam Bondi announces $7 million settlement with Google

Google agreed to a multimillion dollar payout after breaching privacy issues with their “street view” mapping practices, Attorney General Pam Bondi announced Tuesday. The a $7 million […]

orange juice
Florida products log sales of $1.2 million in Dubai

Orange juice isn’t just popular in the United States. Five Florida companies, supported by the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, sold Florida products at the […]

Ashley Judd
Dem leaders to Ashley Judd: Not so fast

Although those close to actress Ashley Judd say, “it’s on,” — “on” being a 2014 battle to wrest the U.S. senate seat away from Senate Minority leader […]

Pamela Geller
‘Killing Jews Is Worship’ ads spark fury in San Francisco

A fight over hate speech versus free speech is brewing in San Francisco as new ads exposing the hateful quotes of terrorists went up on city buses. […]

Hoax or hack: Personal info on Michelle Obama, Joe Biden exposed

A website that originated in Russia posted Monday what it claims to be Social Security numbers, credit reports and personal banking information of a number of celebrities […]

5 Guys City Ave
Five Guys owner: Burger prices will go up due to Obamacare

Five Guys burgers and fries are now in the bulls-eye of Obamacare as added insurance costs will have to be passed to the consumer. Franchise owner Mike […]

Obama meets with Arab/Muslim groups
Unsettling: Obama gets policy ‘recommendations’ from Pro-Hezbollah leaders

In preparation for an upcoming Mideast trip, President Barack Obama met on Monday with and received “recommendations” from representatives of several Pro-Hezbollah advocacy groups. Of the 10 […]

Alan Bergstein FAU video
Bergstein makes news: Does FAU have an anti-Semitism problem?

I was interviewed on March 11 by WPTV in West Palm Beach about a video I recently put together calling attention to Students for Justice in Palestine’s […]

BizPac Review
Judge rejects lawyer’s bid to keep Jews off jury

A New York defense lawyer attempted to trample the Constitution and keep Jewish people off the jury for his accused Muslim terrorist client, but a federal judge […]

Stranger in a Strange Land
Liberalism has been mugged by reality

This is the first of a three-part series thatexamines and definesmodern liberalism. We mustn’t however allow ourselves to become confused by political labels such asconservative, fascist, communist, […]

Ted Cruz
How Ted Cruz plans to defund Obamacare

Firebrand Republican Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas came out against Obamacare in a big way Monday. In doing so he joined a growing number of Americans as […]

Fla. invaded by large, blood-sucking insects: Obama doomsday?

As if President Barack Obama’s doomsday predictions regarding sequestration weren’t enough for Floridians, we now learn that we are being invaded by giant mosquitoes. With the world […]