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Washington Post wrong: Israel did not kill Palestinian baby

Photo Credit: Washington Free Beacon

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The United Nations has confirmed in a new report that it was a Hamas rocket, and not an Israeli bomb as widely reported, that killed a Palestinian baby last November.

The Washington Post, and several other media outlets, reported on Nov. 15, 2012 that BBC journalist Jihad Masharawi’s son was killed in an “Israeli airstrike in Gaza City.”

Washington Free Beacon’s  explained the circumstances of the bombing:

Masharawi’s son and sister-in-law were killed after a projectile struck the family’s home during Israel’s most recent war in Gaza, dubbed Operation Pillar of Defense. Israel launched the operation after Hamas bombarded civilians with hundreds of rockets.

baby Masharawi
Baby Masharawi
Photo Credit: Washington Post

The Post ran a front-page article with a photo of Masharawi holding his dead son blaming the attack on Israel.

“The Post and other outlets originally attributed the attack to Israel even though the Israeli Defense Forces maintained that it had not carried out any operation in that area,” the Free Beacon reported.

However, the U.N. investigated the incident and found that it was actually a Palestinian rocket that fell short of hitting Israel.

The U.N. report will be “formally presented” on March 18.

The Free Beacon reached out to the Post for comment on the new report.

Click here to read the Post’s response from the Washington Free Beacon.


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