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Dr. Ben Carson offers solutions to leaders: ‘Stop being so full of yourselves’

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Neurosurgeon, author and outspoken Obama administration critic Dr. Ben Carson appeared on “America’s News Headquarters” Saturday to discuss a variety of issues facing America.

“There’s a large number of frustrated people out there that just don’t feel like they’re being represented,” Carson said in answer to why his message has been resounding with Americans across the country.

Fox News host Uma Pemmaraju showed clips of Carson speaking at the National Prayer Breakfast, where his comments on and solutions to fix health care earned him a national following and calls for him to run for office.

“One of the things people love about you is that you don’t just complain. You’re offering solutions for the nation,” Pemmaraju told Carson.

Carson discussed how political correctness stifles conversation he believes is needed to move the country forward. “I think the founders of our nation would roll over in their grave if they could see what we have done through the backdoor – suppressing people,” he said.

Carson concluded with a message to political leaders in Washington.

“Just wake up a little bit, stop being so full of yourselves, listen to the people,” he said. “Let’s solve our problems.”

Watch Carson on Fox News here:


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