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Obama living large while America suffers

General Sun Tzu: “A leader leads by example, not by force.” Photo credit seanlinnane.blogspot.com

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To punish Americans — and place blame squarely on the shoulders of Republicans — President Obama is making sequester cuts as public and as painful as possible on the regular folks, while continuing a lavish and frequent vacation schedule.

Never mind that the sequester idea originated with the White House.

Never mind that the president chose not to negotiate with congressional leaders until March 1, the day the cuts went into effect.

Never mind that the cuts only amount to a tiny percentage of federal spending, and that spending will still increase, despite the cuts.

Although government waste, fraud and abuse easily exceed the $85 billion in annual sequester reductions — $44 billion for the remainder of the current fiscal year — the Obama administration has cancelled White House tours and reduced services at national parks.

“A leader leads by example, not by force,” ancient Chinese general, philosopher and tactician Sun Tzu wrote in “The Art of War.”

But instead of leading by example, the Obamas choose to continue living as though the cuts never occurred. For example, press reports estimated the price tag on the president’s recent Florida golf outing with Tiger Woods at $1 million. For one weekend.

“The president’s travel expenses alone, for the golfing outing with Tiger Woods, would pay for a year of White House visits,” Fox News contributor Charles Krauthammer said. “So I suggest that perhaps he curtail the travel.”

The last White House tour took place on Friday.

In addition, National Park Service staff has been ordered to cancel special events, talks, tours and other educational services the parks normally provide.

“Apparently, they want the public to feel the pain,” a ranger told Fox News.

If the White House can’t be bothered with identifying government waste, it could instead hold back the $250 million in planned aid to Egypt, a country run by the Muslim Brotherhood. By Krauthammer’s reckoning, that savings would pay for 250 years of White House tours.

I have nothing against a president and first family enjoying a vacation. They live in a fish bowl and deserve a little time away.

But to continue this lifestyle while forcing “the public to feel the pain” exhibits a pettiness unworthy of a commander-in-chief.

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