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Colorado lawmakers approve bill allowing illegals to pay lower tuition

Colorado House of Representatives
Photo Credit: ABC Denver

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The Colorado General Assembly approved a bill Friday that allows illegal immigrants to pay the lower in-state college tuition rate instead of the out-of-state rate they currently pay.

The bill passed the House and will be signed into law by Gov. John Hickenlooper, the local ABC Denver affiliate reported.

“Undocumented kids will now have a fair and equitable way to pursue a higher education in CO. Well done,” Hickenlooper tweeted Friday.

The news station reported Colorado lawmakers have debated similar bills for undocumented workers for almost 10 years.

According to the article:

In the past, many Republicans have said that the legislation raises an issue of fairness because illegal immigrants would be receiving a benefit that other students don’t receive. But Democrats say the state has invested in the immigrants’ education in state public schools and they should have the chance to attend college at an affordable rate.

ABC Denver explained the “specific requirements” of the bill:

Students must graduate from a Colorado high school, they must have resided in Colorado for at least three consecutive years and they must sign an affidavit stating they are seeking citizenship.

Read the article from ABC Denver here.



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