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Boy’s ‘Pop Tart gun’ suspension prompts new legislation

Pop Tart John Welch
Photo Credit: Fox News

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The story of the boy who was suspended for two days for biting his Pop Tart into a gun shape had us all shaking our heads in disbelief at what can only be considered political correctness gone mad in our schools.

And sometimes, the only way to combat stupidity is to outlaw such ridiculousness. So Maryland state Sen. J.B. Jennings introduced a bill that would stop schools from suspending students over nonsense like biting food into guns or simulating guns with their fingers, according to the Star Democrat.

According to the newspaper, the bill, “Education [-]The Reasonable School Discipline Act of 2013,” would provide:

[C]lear, straightforward guidelines on what is and what is not acceptable when handling matters that amount to “children being children.” The bill describes appropriate discipline that must be adhered to during counseling students of all grade levels in any Maryland school that uses public funds, stated Jennings. The bill includes a counseling and disciplinary protocol for violations by school administrators.

It seems insane that such legislation would be needed, but no more so than a school suspending 7-year-old Josh Welch for creatively eating a Pop Tart.

“These kids can’t comprehend what they are doing or the ramifications of their actions,” Jennings told the Star Democrat. “These suspensions are going on their permanent records and could have lasting effects on their educations.”

Read the article from the Star Democrat here.

Watch the interview of little Josh as he prepares to return to school via Fox News:


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