Bloomberg: You can arrive by limousine to our homeless shelters

Photo Credit: Media dis&dat

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg actually suggested that the city’s homeless shelters were over capacity because even the stinking rich can seek free shelter if they want it.

The New York Post reported Bloomberg’s ridiculous statement came in response to a new report marking the rising number of homeless in the mayor’s city.

“You can arrive in your private jet at Kennedy Airport, take a private limousine and go straight to the shelter system, walk in the door, and we’ve got to give you shelter,” Bloomberg said on his radio show, according to the article.

Only a billionaire could think like that, right?

City Comptroller John Liu, who is running for mayor, slammed Bloomberg, telling the Post, “Only an out-of-touch mayor who travels by private jet and limo would make such a tone-deaf wisecrack about a homeless crisis that has only worsened under his careless watch.”

The Coalition for the Homeless’ Patrick Markee also thought Bloomberg’s response to the high number of city homeless was lacking. “He didn’t seem to want to take responsibility for the fact that there are more than 50,000 people sleeping in city shelters, including 21,000 children,” Markee said told the Post.

According to the article, city law says anyone can receive free shelter if they claim to need it.

Read more from the New York Post here.


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