TSA allows feds’ fake bomb through security at Newark Airport

Photo Credit: Commentarama Blog

Transportation Security Administration screeners missed finding the makings of a bomb carried through security by an undercover agent at Newark Airport in what was clearly a miserable failure in security.

The New York Post reported a TSA special operations team conducted the security test on Feb. 25.

Unbelievably, the screening actually involved a pat down of the undercover agent and screeners still missed the “improvised explosive device” the agent had down his pants.

According to the Post:

With the inert “bomb” stashed somewhere in his pants, he got through the magnetometer undetected at around 11 a.m. He was then pulled aside for a physical screening, and a TSA agent failed to discover the IED and allowed the “bomber” to go to his gate.

“Last year, 52 baggage and traveler screeners were fired and another 19 disciplined for major security lapses and thefts” at Newark Airport, the article said.

On another note, you may have heard small knives will be allowed back on airplanes this April so security officials can spend time looking for more dangerous things like bombs, which are a greater threat to aircraft.

Good grief.


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