Sean Hannity, Eric Bolling agree to pick up tab for White House tours

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Fox News host Eric Bolling on Thursday offered to pick up the tab for one week’s worth of White House tours after the Obama administration temporarily suspended them as part of an effort to ensure maximum impact of sequestration is felt by the American people.

Bolling said on the Fox show “The Five”:

“Make you a deal. Jay Carney, grab a pencil. Let the families take the White House tours next week and I’ll cover the added expenses. The word is it’ll cost around $74,000. If I can get the White House doors open, I will pick up the tab. Mr. Carney, you know this is an offer you can’t refuse. Give me a call.”

In reporting on Bolling’s offer Thursday evening, Fox News host Sean Hannity agreed to match the offer and keep the doors open a second week. As seen in the video, Newt Gingrich also points out the cost of Obama golf outings would fund the White House tours for 50 weeks.

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