Samira Ibrahim speaks: I refuse to apologize for anti-Zionist remarks


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The Egyptian political activist who was to have received a State Department award until a series of disturbing and hateful tweets on her Twitter feed were discovered has finally let loose — and in the process has left little doubt as to where her sentiments lie.

On Thursday, The Weekly Standard Googled the names of the women the U.S. State Department announced were about to receive the prestigious International Woman of Courage Award, and discovered that one of the ten had expressed anti-Semite and anti-American sentiments during the course of the last 12 months. These included an anti-Jewish quote from Adolph Hitler and a statement that America should burn every Sept. 11.

Samira Ibrahim, the Egyptian political activist who was to have received the award, said little about the affair other than to claim her Twitter account had been hacked. Nonetheless, due to the gravity of the situation, the State Department announced that it would “defer” her award pending further review.

On Friday, she again turned to Twitter with the following tweet, written in Arabic:

Samira Ibrahim

The Weekly Standard contacted Egyptian democracy activist Mina Rezkalla to provide a translation as follows:

“I refuse to apologize to the Zionist lobby in America regarding my previous anti-Zionist statements under pressure from American government therefore they withdrew the award.”

South Florida conservative Jewish activist and regular BizPac Review contributor Alan Bergstein had the following thoughts on the series of events:

The shameless behavior of trying to slip an award to an America, Israel, Jew hating Islamic activist , Samira Ibrahim, by the likes of Michelle Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry would boggle the minds of any who thought they represented the views United States. Wrong! They are only a part of a group within the leadership of this country that bows down to our enemies and bestows honors and privileges to them in attempts to give them credibility.

Anyone with a computer could have Googled Ibraham and discovered her past which is mired in hatred of the West, Christianity and Judaism. Enough of these mindless “leaders” of our country. Keep your weapons. We may need them sooner than we think!

Enough said. And I believe Ibrahim’s reference to a “ Zionist lobby in America” together with her admission to making “previous anti-Zionist statements” pretty well settles it.

“Now all that’s left is for the State Department to demand that Ibrahim reimburse American taxpayers for her trip to the United States,” wrote the Standard’s Smith. I wouldn’t hold my breath on that one.

Read more at The Weekly Standard.

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7 thoughts on “Samira Ibrahim speaks: I refuse to apologize for anti-Zionist remarks

  1. sorry all you wonderful ladies out there but i got to call it like i see them this dumb bitch is a cunt.

  2. mick says:

    shoot the bitch along with her bro, odumbass

  3. Jody Hurt says:

    I guess if they didn't know about Benghazi, we would buy this B.S. TOO!!!

  4. Joe McKean says:

    Don't forget 94 Senators including Senator Rubio voted

    to make flag burner Kerry the Secretary of State. We had

    three Senators voted NAY. Three cheers for these three.

    1. Ron Adcox says:

      You are right. And then we get to imagine having a Sec Def that intends to dismantle our armed forces and defensive posture in this world! What madness! Traditional Americans need to stand up and say HELL NO!

  5. paul savage says:

    We can at least be thankful that the jig was up before the woman received her dough. Too bad we cannot say the same thing about the recent $250 million transfer to the newly 'elected' government of Egypt.

  6. Everyone should be allowed free speak,but in this case ……………………………..

    I've got to call it as seeing this situation.

    Lady you've got too far

    &none of us should have to listen

    to such junk.

    Should ban her from ever getting

    into these United States again,either!Liz Who even let this so called lady into our beautiful USA?

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