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First-ever ruling against speed cameras

red light camera
Photo Credit: Fox News

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An Ohio judge was the first-ever to rule against speed cameras Thursday saying they violated “driver’s rights under the state constitution,” Fox News reported.

While there have been rulings against red-light cameras recently, Mike Allen, the attorney who brought the Ohio case, told Fox News “he believes this is a first for speed cameras.”

Cincinnati area Judge Robert Ruehlman ruled the “two speed cameras in the village of Elmwood Place, which were installed last year and caused considerable controversy in the community, violated drivers’ ‘due process guarantees’ under the Ohio Constitution,” the article said.

In his scathing opinion, Ruehlman wrote, “”Elmwood Place is engaged in nothing more than a high-tech game of 3 CARD MONTY. It is a scam that the motorists can’t win.”

Residents often complained that the cameras were simply a way for their town to make money. According to the article:

Village officials first approved the speed cameras last July, and they were installed in September. The system has since issued thousands of $105 tickets — the company controlling the cameras gets 40 percent of the revenue, while the rest goes to the village.

Other states have criticized enforcement cameras recently. “In Florida, lawmakers are considering whether to scrap the state’s red-light cameras, just two years after they were legalized,” Fox News reported.

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