60,000 border agents furloughed due to cuts

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Photo Credit: Migration Policy Institute

U.S. Customs and Border Protection announced Thursday that 60,000 border agents have been furloughed due to budget cuts.

The furlough and other “austerity measures” are being taken by the agency as a result of sequestration, CNN reported.

The agency plans to make the necessary cuts by implementing “agency-wide furloughs, a hiring freeze, and reducing or eliminating overtime, compensatory time, travel and training,” according to the article.

“Customs and Border Protection said it expects furloughs and other austerity will cause delays at ports of entry, including international arrivals at airports, and reduce the number of border patrol officers on duty at any one time,” the article said.

The furlough and overtime reduction will begin in April, the agency told CNN.

“Even with these cuts though, individuals apprehended illegally crossing the southwest border will still be processed as usual,” Customs spokeswoman Jenny Burke told CNN in a statement

It will be interesting to see how these cuts will impact future debate on immigration reform.

Read more from CNN here.


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