Sen. Pat Toomey dishes to Fox & Friends on dinner with Obama

Sen. Pat Toomey (R., Penn.) chatted with Fox and Friends the morning after his big night out with President Obama. Was it all a P.R. stunt?

Watch the following clip via our friends at the Washington Free Beacon to find out the details:

“It was very candid, it was cordial, but it was also substantive. Everybody had a chance to make points they wanted to make. There was back and forth. There was substantive discussion about actual fiscal policy, priorities and alternatives and ideas. So the idea wasn’t that we were going to negotiate a deal last night. That was never part of the plan. That isn’t going to happen over one dinner, but I think it was a constructive exchange.”



6 thoughts on “Sen. Pat Toomey dishes to Fox & Friends on dinner with Obama

  1. Harry Travis says:

    I want to know what is going on with our Senators and Representatives because everyone is calling for the impeachment of Obama and they are too spineless and are afraid of him so what are they doing to help? Nothing but sitting drawing their salaries and happy to do nothing. And Reid has everything blocked because if he doesn't like something he doesn't bring it to the floor so why is he still in office??

  2. Suzanne says:

    How in the world did this President get elected twice and no one investigated his back round? There are red flags everywhere! Not to mention fraudulent documents. I have read that his birthplace was Kenya, he is an Indonesia citizen and is not a legal US citizen. He was given foreign aid to attend college in the US. The President of the US of America has another man's Social Security number. He should have never been permitted to run for President. And then no one checked him out the second run either.

    Looks to me like we need to get some honesty and integrity amount the Senate and Reps for the people of America!

    I have also read that J Brennan is not qualified either. And 'Please' do not allow Madam Pelosi to Speaker of the House ever again!! I have heard OB wants this to happen.

  3. cc says:

    "Constructive exchange" my eyeball! That means Obama was listening a little, shaking his head like he understood, all the time thinking: "Can't wait to get this photo-op over with these dimwits and get back to my own kind!"

  4. RealCinders2 says:

    Wait , President says no more white house tours due to sequestration cuts , but keeps the tour director on salary for $100,000 plus ? What ? How stupid does he think we are , VERY I guess *sigh*

  5. RealCinders2 says:

    High ^5's to Rand Paul yesterday !!! Thanks to Rubio and Cruz and few others that helped him . Nice to see them stand up for something for a change !!!

  6. RealCinders2 says:

    His modavation for reaching across isle with the dinner last night , is just like the other times , So he can go around and say "SEE I TRIED, but they WON'T " He's not going to do anything different . He wants both the House and Senate in 2014 , so he can then ram down our throats the rest of his agenda (cap&trade, single payer healthcare, climate change rules that strangle america , cater to the unions that strangle america chasing jobs overseas instead of negoiate their outrageous benefits packages that are bankrupting state after state. thelist goes on and on .

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