Screaming Matthews unglued again: Racist hate groups must love Ted Cruz

While Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) was helping Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) make history in an epic filibuster on the Senate floor, Chris Matthews called them out as heroes to hate groups.

Matthews declared the “crazies” are on the rise, referring to a study by the Southern Poverty Law Center which found the number of anti-government patriot groups has exploded over the last four years. Matthews referred to the patriot groups as “right wing hysteria” and “hate groups”.

“I look at Obama as a perfect American. I don’t mean politically. We can disagree left and right on him,” Matthews said. “But as a citizen, the guy went to school, he never broke a law. He did everything right. He raised a wonderful family. He’s a good husband, a good father. My God I don’t think he’s ever gotten a speeding ticket.”

Matthews asks what had “sparked this explosion of right-wing organizing” and said, “I don’t know what they’re so afraid of, except that he happens to be black.” He suggests guns, immigration and gays are the stimuli to people organizing “these hate groups.”

“The folklore of the far right – and I’m not talking about Mitt Romney supporters,” Brian Levin, Center for Study of Hate and Extremism explains. “I’m talking about people who have opted out of our political process and that’s what’s problematic. These people see the terra firma under them as shifting. Something that anchored them before, they no longer see as anchoring them”

“Who do they root for?! Who do they root for?!” Matthews yelled out. “They don’t root for Rand Paul? Pat Buchanan? I mean who? They must like this new guy Ted Cruz. They must love Ted Cruz, c’mon!”

See the Hardball exchange here:



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