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Coulter to GOP: ‘Try being popular’

Ann Coulter
Photo Credit: The Atlanta Journal Constitution

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Conservative commentator Ann Coulter has a message for Republicans: “try being popular.”

In her new Townhall column, the fabulously outspoken Coulter suggests Republicans stop “wasting time and energy in doomed efforts to defeat President Obama’s Cabinet nominees or sucking up to illegal aliens,” and instead “focus on issues where Republicans can be off-the-charts popular while forcing Democrats into taking stupid positions.”


Coulter wrote a lot on gun control and mental illness, but offered advice to the GOP on several topics.

“Here’s how I think Republicans should be looking at things,” Coulter wrote:

Pushing amnesty for illegal aliens: 80 percent of Americans ferociously oppose you.

Pointlessly opposing Obama’s Cabinet nominees: 99 percent of Americans need a constant supply of NoDoz just to listen.

Staking out an Amnesty International position on a president’s hypothetical ability to use a drone against an “American citizen” (named Anwar al-Awlaki) about to launch a devastating terrorist attack on U.S. soil: 70 percent of Americans are against you.

Opposing the Democrats’ idiotic proposals on gun control: 60-70 percent of Americans support you, but the other 30 to 40 percent will hate you because they want to “Do Something.”

Proposing the involuntary commitment of dangerous psychotics and implementing measures to prevent them from obtaining guns: 83 percent of Americans support you and will be furious at Democrats for trying to undercut such laws.

Coulter concluded simply, yet powerfully, and I do hope the powers that be in the GOP are listening to her:

Your choice, Republicans: Take positions that will make you extremely popular, reduce mass murder in America and simultaneously reveal the insanity of the Democratic Party, or keep prattling about topics of interest to no one. Take all the time you need. 2014 is a whole year away.

Read Coulter’s column in Townhall here.

Visit Coulter’s website here.


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