Police chief reveals sobering response times, recommends gun ownership

Project Veritas showed undercover video taken at various police stations across the country to Milwaukee County Sheriff David J. Clarke Jr.

At each station, the same question was asked: If I call 9-1-1 because I’m being attacked, what do I do until the police arrive?

Clarke, a Second Amendment proponent, found some of the responses humorous. Then, at about 1:25 he got serious.

He gave some very sobering police response times.

“Fifty-two minutes to respond to a burglary, okay?,” he said according to Project Veritas. “It takes nearly 20 minutes to respond to an armed robbery. We’re not talking two, three minutes like what I heard on this tape here. Fifty-nine minutes, on average, to respond to a sexual assault.”

The meaning was very clear. We owe a duty to ourselves and our loved ones to provide for our own protection and to fight back, because the police can’t be everywhere at once.

He went on to describe how the anti-gun movement lays dormant until a situation like Sandy Hook arises, “they exploit that.”

“The misery and the tragedy of the people of Newtown Connecticut — of Sandy Hook School — they exploit that for political gain. They have no soul.”


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