Volkswagen channels Sarah Palin in new Passat ad

It must “officially” be common knowledge that most of the main stream media has become an entity completely removed from unbiased news reporting, since the phrase “lamestream media” is being used in a car commercial.

Volkswagen incorporated the term, made popular by GOP’s former vice presidential candidate turned Fox News contributor, Sarah Palin, in its latest commercial for the Passat.

In a bit of  irony, the ad was spotted Tuesday afternoon on MSNBC.

Mediaite provided a clip of the commercial along with this description:

The ad features one man named “Gary” approaching his friend’s new Passat. The driver opens the window and breaks the bad news to his buddy: “I bought the last one.”

“But it says here you can get one for $199 a month,” Gary insists, pointing to a newspaper ad in his hand.

“You can’t believe the lamestream media,” the driver responds. “They’re all gone.”

“Maybe I’ll get one,” Gary persists.

But nope, “they’re all gone.”

Watch the ad below:

Michele Kirk


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