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Pilot spots ‘black drone’ near JFK airport

Black Drone
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An Italian commercial jetliner pilot spotted a drone aircraft hovering near his plane as he landed at JFK Airport Monday, FoxNews reports.

The incident has prompted an investigation by the Joint Terror Task Force.

The Alitalia pilot spotted the unmanned craft — described as “a black drone” — hovering just 200 feet from his jet about three miles east of the airport as he made his approach from Brooklyn.

“He was very clear as to what he saw,” a source said.

The pilot told investigators the object was flying at about 1,800 feet and looked like “a black drone about a meter square, with helicopter rotors on the corners.”

This story coming at the same time CNET reports on U.S. Dept. of Homeland Security customizing Predator drones to carry out at-home surveillance tasks that include identifying civilians carrying guns and tracking their cell phones.

Read more on “black drone” at Fox News.

Tom Tillison


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