O’Reilly: ‘If Romney had defeated Obama, we wouldn’t be in this mess’

“America Is Becoming a Chaotic Country” was the title of Bill O’Reilly’s “Talking Points Memo” Monday night referring to the lack of leadership in Washington during the sequester.

O’Reilly started his commentary saying Abraham Lincoln wouldn’t have allowed the “fiscal chaos” we have today. He noted Lincoln “did whatever he had to do to keep the union together and that included all kinds of compromises.”

“President Obama is not showing leadership,” O’Reilly continued. He said the President and Democratic Party must make spending cuts, yet they resist.

O’Reilly said Obama is interested only in raising taxes and redistributing wealth and because there “is no specific plan put forth by the president,” we have chaos.

However, O’Reilly opined, “If Mitt Romney had defeated President Obama, we would not be in this mess.”

A sentiment many of us are left wondering about.

Watch the segment courtesy of Mediaite here:

Janeen Capizola

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14 thoughts on “O’Reilly: ‘If Romney had defeated Obama, we wouldn’t be in this mess’

  1. Douglas says:

    I am not wondering at all if Romney would have made a better president. That is fact. Hell my dogcatcher would make a better president. You can count on this miserable POTUS making things as absolutely painful on the American public as he can for political purposes.

  2. Obama ; Stupid is as stupid does.

  3. Terry says:

    Spending cuts should start with the Presidents and Congress wages. The American people do not get a paycheck if they do not do their jobs, why should Washington be any different? I also wonder if the President knowns that he is not up for election in 4 years? He seems to be jetting around the country like he is campaining. What a disgrace our country looks like to the rest of the world. How sad.

    1. Sue Boland says:

      I heard that he is campaining, he plans on changing it to 3 terms. And he'll probably be allowed to change it. He's getting away with every thing else.

  4. Sam says:

    We get what we deserve. Under President Obama's leadership, Congress had not passed a single budget in 4 years. And yet, we re-elected him. We should have elected Romney, who has a history of working across party lines and finding solutions. Plus Romney understands business, the economy, and budgets. With all the free advertising Obama got from "news" organizations and all the low information voters, Mitt Romney still got close to 50% of the popular vote. But he didn't win.

    1. Vilma Moreland says:

      Amen! Romney should have been in the white house instead. He looks and acted as a leader and can work with the congress rather than just talking to the public to make it look like it is the Republican's fault!

    2. Dawn says:

      I did not vote for the clown in either term!!!!!

  5. Marc says:

    Wrong. Under Romney we would be worse off. He agreed with Obama on every constitutional function of government and only differed in slight degree to all the unconstitutional functions of government. He would be doing the same things Obama is and with the blessing of the right wing.

    If Ron Paul had been given the nomination that he actually earned he would have won the office of President and *then* we would be looking at a more positive picture. Only when a President in support of freedom earns the Republican nomination will the Republicans stand a chance of taking the White House and the country a chance to recover from the failure of Democracy that it has become.

    If the Republicans continue to fool themselves that a left-leaning moderate is the solution they will continue to lose until the Libertarian party takes their place.

  6. Dorothy Murphy says:

    Well Doug I wish we had your dog catcher because I'm positive he would better than what we have now.

  7. Robin says:


  8. Carole says:

    Easy to boooooo from the bleachers. Romney didn't win. Obama did. I'm VERY glad. Amen.

    1. Steven says:

      Sounds like another Obama voter who thinks winning the election is all there is to being a great president.

  9. Sharon says:

    During this Lenten time, especially, I'm reminded of Jesus pointing out that the widow giving "all she had" (the widow's mite..or two very small copper coins) was FAR more than those wanting attention for all they were throwing in. (Mark 12:41-44) Even with ALL the frivolous cuts OWEbama isn't agreeing to make, I'm betting if he was reminded of this story (IF he's ever heard it) he would find some way to use it to squeeze more money out of the public. Which brings to mind another Bible verse.."LET MY PEOPLE GO!"

  10. Ida Cosper says:

    I salute Bill O'Reilly ! I watched his show and wanted to stand up in my living room and applaud. Not many people have the guts to say things that need to be said, but we can rely on Bill to get to the truth and say it.

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