NY GOP fights Cuomo’s seven-bullet limit

New York state Senate Republicans continue to fight the strict new gun law Gov. Andrew Cuomo pushed through in January.

Senate Republican leader Dean Skelos takes issue with Cuomo’s seven-bullet limit on ammunition magazines.

Skelos wants 10-bullet magazines to “remain legal for New Yorkers who keep guns in their homes for protection,” the New York Post reported.

According to the Post, Cuomo is willing to make changes to the law, but whether he will budge on ammunition capacity remains to be seen. The Post reported:

But Cuomo himself said that while he’s open to “technical changes” to the toughest gun- control law enacted since last December’s elementary-school massacre in Newtown, Conn., he doesn’t consider raising the seven-bullet limit back to 10 a “technical change.”

In the haste to enact the new law, the Post said, mistakes were made in legislative language that automatically banned guns used by police because they exceed the ammunition capacity.   A cleanup bill is in the works to correct the errors, and any changes to magazine capacity could be part of that bill.


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