Fla. House passes election reform on opening day of session

Not wasting any time, the Florida House of Representatives went to work on the opening day of the 2013 Legislative Session and passed priority election reform legislation, updating the Florida Election Code.

House Speaker Will Weatherford’s office released the following:

“Today’s passage of this important election reform bill highlights our commitment to better serving our voters and improving Florida’s elections process,” House Speaker Will Weatherford (R-Wesley Chapel) said. “I commend my colleagues on both sides of the aisle for diligently working together to provide sensible reforms that will give our counties the flexibility to run more efficient elections.

“House Bill 7013 is a step in the right direction so that Floridians know that every vote counts,” House Democratic Leader Perry Thurston (D-Fort Lauderdale) said . “Florida needs more voting days, more polling locations, and for those voting sites to be properly staffed and properly equipped.”

HB 7013 provides for a minimum of eight and maximum of 14 early voting days, and a minimum of 64 and maximum of 168 early voting hours, while expanding early voting sites to include fairgrounds, civic centers, courthouses, county commission buildings, stadiums and convention centers. The legislation also introduces new word limits on legislative ballot summaries.

“This legislation will go a long way in helping to restore confidence in our election system and ensure future elections run smoothly,” House State Affairs Chairman Steve Crisafulli (R-Merrit Island) said.  “I appreciate Representative Boyd’s hard work on this bill and thank him for his commitment to passing election reform.”

In January, Speaker Weatherford identified election reform as a priority in the House and Senate’s “Work Plan Florida.” The bill was developed in response to concerns that arose during the 2012 election in Florida.  The bill previously passed the House Ethics and Elections subcommittee with bipartisan and unanimous support.

“While no election is perfect and it is impossible to predict all future problems, the House’s passage of this bill today is a significant step toward helping ensure Florida voters have ample opportunity to cast a ballot and participate in fair and efficient elections,” bill sponsor Rep. Jim Boyd (R-Bradenton) said.


4 thoughts on “Fla. House passes election reform on opening day of session

  1. Ted says:

    Nice to see SOMEBODY is working on the election problems in Florida. The funny business of the election of 2000 and the embarrassment of the 2012 election makes Florida look goofy. Florida was the only state in this most recent election to not be able to call its election results. The election was over and Florida was still hanging out there. We should be one of the first to get the state called correctly and honestly. Hopefully, these actions will help.

  2. Len says:

    Why has everyone treated ELECTION FRAUD as though is did not exist. Essentially, they re-arranged the deck chairs on the Titanic.

    Fraud was a huge problem in the last election! Is our legislature part of the solution; or,PART OF THE PROBLEM???

  3. Shavager says:

    Ted, the "funny business" of the 2000 election season was specifically pre-planned by DemocRAT lawyers–the butterfly ballot they all CRIED alligator tears about was designed/created by a DemocRAT election supervisor Theresa LaPore. Al Gore was in Fla. till 4:00 AM the morning of the election in Dade County trying to "buy" votes–when the results came in that evening he got far less votes in Volusia, Dade,Palm Beach and Broward counties than he was calculating–and he sued for manual recounts in those counties–giving votes in those counties higher priority than other 63 counties violating the Equal Protection Clause of Constitution. Had he originally filed suit to demand statewide recount–he could've legally gotten it. He chose NOT to, fighting 3 different lawsuits in Fla courts–before Judge Nikki Clark over dismissing absentee ballots in Seminole county, before Judge Terry Lewis over eliminating absentee ballots in Martin county and before Judge N.Sanders Sauls over forcing a manual recount over legal description of votes under "handing chads, dimpled chads, pregant chads,etc"-what Gore tried to do was change FLA election law and definition of votes AFTER the election had been held–Judges Clark, Lewis and Sauls–ARE ALL Democrat Judges–Gore lost BASED ON FLA. ELECTION LAW-NOT PARTY AFFILIATION–those judges based their decisions on EXISTING laws. He was successful in getting 1000 military ballots BLOCKED from validation, but he tried to get some 30,000 civilian absentee ballots BLOCKED IN STATE COURTS AND FAILED. Gore ran out the time limit on Fla Constitution requirements to designate an electoral winner by the Sec. of State and U.S. Supreme Court ended recounts. Using those existing Fla. ballot laws–the AP, CNN, Wash Post,WallStreet Journal,LA Times, NYTimes,Orlando Sentinel,Chicago Tribune were among those media companies that researched and found Bush won even AFTER recounting those 4 counties. Fla Supreme Court ruled in Gore's favor to allow a recount–but did NOT require Equal Protection Clause for ALL counties to be recounted and decision was oveturned by U.S. Supreme Court.

  4. Steve Phillips says:

    Their is nothing in this bill that addresses voter fraud,my opinion this just more of the same old bull crap coming from our clueless, elitist,narcissistic gov't.

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