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The beginning of ‘Rubio Derangement Syndrome’

Celeste Greig w/Sen. Rubio
Celeste Greig w/Sen. Rubio – Photo Credit Mediaite

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Those who’ve been paying attention these past few years understand that the progressive left will always let you know who they fear most.

In 2008, that person was undoubtedly former Alaskan Gov. Sarah Palin, and if a report published Saturday is any indication, that person today is Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida.

While reporting on comments made last week by the president of the California Republican Assembly — Celeste Greig said pregnancies from rape are “rare” since it’s an act of violence and the “body is traumatized” — Mediaite selected a picture of her standing with Sen. Rubio to accompany the report.

A clear and transparent attempt to connect Rubio, widely seen as the leading contender for the 2016 GOP presidential nominee, with her comments.

On a side note to GOP leadership, I submit that from this day forward, any Republican politician who even mentions the word “rape” be automatically expelled from the party – when in a hole, the first rule of thumb is to stop digging!

The far-left knows it has no chance at victory if it does not carry white females, which explains the reaction to Palin in ’08 and the faux “war on women” in ’12. They also understand the Hispanic vote has become just as critical.

It was not by accident that Gov. Palin found herself on the receiving end of an unprecedented character assassination carried forth by the Democratic Party, the national media and the entertainment industry.

A phenomenon that Sen. Marco Rubio had better prepare himself for.

Tom Tillison


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