Romney: Woulda, coulda and most of all shoulda

I dislike dwelling on missed opportunities, but I couldn’t help but do so when Chris Wallace interviewed Mitt and Ann Romney on “Fox News Sunday.”

Speaking of her husband’s Nov. 6 loss, Ann said, “I know his heart, I know his abilities, I know the fact that he would have been a fabulous president and I mourn the fact that he’s not there, and — um — and it would have been much better for America, I believe in my heart, if he had been there right now.”

The governor was interviewed separately in the following clip, and he viewed the sequestration cuts as “an almost once-in-a-generation opportunity for America to solve its fiscal problems.” But, he added, “it’s being squandered by politics — by people who are more interested in a political victory than they are in doing what’s right for the country,” he said.

“The hardest thing about losing is watching this critical moment — this golden moment just slip away.”


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