Obama controls sequester, opts to cut teachers instead of obscene waste

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President Barack Obama has been using a meat cleaver approach to the sequester cuts in an attempt to get Republican lawmakers to back off their “no new revenue” pledge in dealing with the economy.

“Are you willing to see a bunch of first responders lose their jobs because you want to protect a special interest tax loophole?” the president asked according to Politico. “Are you willing to have teachers laid off or kids not have access to Head Start? Or deeper cuts in student loan programs?”

By listing his parade of horribles, the president ignores the fact that he can decide for himself how the cuts fall, as noted by White House reporter Keith Koffler.

If the president feels as though going through the budget line-by-line is too time consuming, our neighbors to the north have given him a great head start.

Instead of laying off first responders, how about if we unload some of our empty office buildings? The Office of Management and Budget estimates taxpayers spend $1.7 billion a year on empty office space — some critics put that figure closer to $25 billion according to Canada Free Press.

Want to hold on to our current crop of union school teachers? Then let’s put off spending that $2.3 billion to purchase more federal land. The U.S. already owns one-third of all land in the United States, and the Free Press’s Alan Caruba points out that “the National Park Service currently has a backlog of maintenance tasks totaling $5 billion.” That’s another $7.3 billion in the federal till and if we were to sell off some of that property, we could do even better. Isn’t this fun?

Instead of kicking all the little kiddies out of Head Start and forcing their parents to actually provide for their own child’s day care, we could save another $6 billion on the funding for such projects as “research to find out what lessons about democracy and decision-making can be learned from fish,” and “funds for advancements in beef jerky from France.”

If the president is really interested in preventing cuts to student loan programs, maybe he could put the kibosh to the $500 million taxpayers spend to, among other things, determine why five-year-olds “can’t sit still” in a kindergarten classroom.

Of course the above are a mere sampling of the ridiculous. If the president wants to go beyond the ridiculous, he could start with the $44 billion in Medicare fraud and abuse the Government Accounting Office reported to Congress.

Unfortunately, I don’t believe Obama has much interest in actually accomplishing anything short of excoriating Republicans and putting out smoke screens.

Read more at Canada Free Press.


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