Hannity criticized for attacking congressman as Muslim radical

A CNN commentator criticized Fox News’ Sean Hannity for attacking Minnesota Rep. Keith Ellison over old Islamic ties with Muslim radicals like Louis Farrakahn.

Howard Kurtz, host of CNN’s Reliable Sources, on Sunday complimented Hannity for his calm demeanor and repeated attempts to interview Ellison Tuesday. But Kurtz said Hannity “surrendered the high ground” by criticizing Ellison’s association with radicals like Louis Farrakhan and other leaders from the Nation of Islam.

Hannity endured Ellison’s epic on-air rant Tuesday, but then dedicated a segment of his show to “The Incoherent Congressman” every night since.

On Friday’s show, Hannity questioned whether any other member of Congress could survive re-election if he had associations with the likes of Farrakhan.

“Sean Hannity isn’t exactly known for being shy, but when the Fox News host got into a heated confrontation, it was the guest that picked the fight,” Kurtz said. “And [Ellison] did it in a highly personal way.”

Mediaite also weighed in: “In a statement to Kurtz, Ellison defended his actions by claiming he was simply ‘standing up to Hannity’ because of how important the sequester’s cuts will be for millions of American workers.”

Kurtz took issue with Hannity when he “attacked Ellison, who is Muslim, for writing two papers supporting Louis Farrakhan as a law student and for suggesting that Ellison might be the ‘equivalent of the Klu Klux Klan.’”

Because Ellison had apologized for his association with Farrakhan years before, Kurtz said “Hannity surrendered the high ground” with that line of attack.

Watch the Kurtz segment from Mediaite here:


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