Former federal prosecutor fears ‘US nod’ to Sharia

A former federal prosecutor said the Obama administration “serially lied” about the events in Benghazi, suggesting that “decisive action” from the administration “could have saved American lives” while the Consulate was under attack.

Andrew McCarthy, now a National Review Online columnist, detailed the administration’s lack of inaction during the attack, telling the Daily Caller’s Ginni Thomas: “I don’t think this would ever have happened in the Clinton administration. I can’t imagine a situation where Americans are under siege and we don’t protect them.”

McCarthy called the administration’s inaction and incompetence a “shocking dereliction of duty.”

 I use the term ‘dereliction of duty’ with all due care, because dereliction of duty is an impeachable offense,” he said. “But this is the most gross dereliction of duty under these circumstances from a commander in chief and his immediate subordinates that I ever remember seeing in my experience. And we haven’t gotten an explanation, which you would think would have been forthcoming by now, if there were coherent reasons why no action was taken.

Noting how the administration insisted the attack on the Consulate was over an anti-Muslim video, McCarthy said he is “fearful” the Obama administration is “nodding in the direction of Sharia.” He said the administration has been working with the Organization of Islamic Cooperation since 2009 to “fashion a resolution that would make illegal free expression if it involves criticism of Islam,” detailed in the United Nations Human Rights Council Resolution 16/18.

“What we are effectively doing is codifying the Sharia blasphemy standard under which any criticism of Islam…is deemed to be a capital offense, not just a crime…something that is so profoundly serious that it could be met with the death penalty,” McCarthy said.

Watch his interview with Thomas here:


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