Letter to the editor: New Yorkers are wimpy to put up with sanctimonious Bloomberg

Is there no limit to this guy’s arrogance, smugness, sanctimoniousness and self-grandeur?

First, he’s dead wrong regarding telecommuting, and secondly, he has absolutely no right in his position as mayor to dispense his absurd advice to businesses with which he is unfamiliar. See: “Do you agree with Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer that working from home is unproductive?” for context.

I always thought New Yorkers would never put up with a wannabe “martinet” like Bloomberg, but I guess I was wrong.

Consider that New Yorkers pay the highest taxes in the country and then meekly put up with beverage size restrictions, etc.

Looks to me like New Yorkers are as naïve and wimpy as the rest of the sheep in this country who voted in the worst president since the beginning of time.

Where, for the love of God, do these conceited, self-satisfied, sell-anointed fascists come from who run our cities and country?

And how do they, and how can they, acquire power?

They can acquire power because nobody gives a damn anymore and no one has any guts.

Bob Rodenberg

WPB, Fla.

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