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Hannity not finished with Rep. Ellison after epic meltdown

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Sean Hannity endured Minnesota Rep. Keith Ellison’s epic on-air rant Tuesday evening with some chuckles and a cool smile, but has dedicated a segment of his show to “The Incoherent Congressman,” every night since.

Mediaite reported on Friday’s segment where Hannity continued to discuss Ellison’s association with radicals like Louis Farrakahn and “other leaders from the Nation of Islam.”

According to Mediaite:

Hannity said that people have the right to know if Ellison’s been “palling around” with radicals, and highlighted how Ellison has previously shared the stage with Khalid Abdul Muhammad, who was essentially kicked out of the Nation of Islam by Farrakahn, and played a clip of Muhammad saying “We’ll kill the men, we’ll kill the women, we’ll kill the children, we’ll kill the babies,” amongst other rather incendiary things. Hannity also pointed out that Ellison was at one point a spokesperson for Farrakahn.

Joined by guests David Webb and Niger Innis, Hannity discussed whether any other member of Congress “could survive reelection if they had those associations.”

Watch the Hannity segment from Mediate here:


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