Obama’s sudden revelation: ‘I am not a dictator, I’m the president’

vPresident Obama has gone and done it now. He offended both “Star Trek” and “Star Wars” fans Friday, when he said he was unable to perform a “Jedi mind meld” on the GOP over sequestration.

Outraged science fiction fans took to Twitter to bash the president’s obvious confusion about a Jedi mind trick and a Vulcan mind meld. There is no such thing as a “Jedi mind meld,” you see.

CNN’s Wolf Blitzer provided an in-depth analysis of the president’s sci-fi gaffe.

Obama also reminded the press, and maybe himself, that “I am not a dictator, I’m the president,” when explaining how negotiating with Congress has been difficult.

Those who didn’t tweet about the Jedi mind meld had a field day tweeting about the dictator comment.

Politico posted some of the better tweets about Obama:

‪@daveweigel Jedi mind TRICK, not meld. Impeach this clown.

‪@TheFix Obama lost the Star Wars vote with that “Jedi Mind meld” gaffe.

‪@JonathanTamari point to the Republicans RT ‪@dougheye: Star Wars has the Jedi Mind Trick. Spock uses the Mind Meld. Come on, Mr. President!

‪@moorehn Awesomeness is. RT ‪@SimonMaloy Obama: “I cannot do a Jedi mind meld.” What is happening?

‪@mikememoli One for the books: || WASHINGTON (AP) – Obama says he can’t do ‘Jedi mind meld’ and persuade Republican leaders to do what’s right.

‪@CatholicDems Or maybe that is Nerd-in-chief? Anyway, there’s no such thing as a Jedi Mind Meld.

‪@HuffPostHill “I’m not a dictator I’m the president” THREAT! THREAT!!!!

‪@BuzzFeedAndrew Obama: “I am not the dictator, I am the President.” Looking for a WND fact check

‪@mattklewis “I am not a dictator” / “I’m not a crook.” (Maybe Woodward has a point?)

Watch the CNN discussion courtesy of Mediaite:


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