Will Dems’ budget blackmail strategy backfire?

lampoon-dog-big“Buy this magazine or the dog gets it!” screamed the National Lampoon magazine cover for January 1973, showing a gun to a dog’s head. Today, President Barack Obama is nakedly threatening to harm the country and the American people if he has to slow spending. Democrats have a gun to the heads of American families. They are threatening to pull the trigger if they have to give up their spending addiction.

While these tactics are old, they are not normally acted out so poorly. What’s new is that Obama is being so obvious that everyone is noticing. The Democrats are bungling what has in the past been a sophisticated and subtle tactic of manipulation.

Marie Antoinette would blush. Uncle Sam insists he will burn your house down if he doesn’t get a fifth sticky bun with his champagne brunch. Uncle Sam lives in luxury while most taxpayers are eating toast with their toast. How does it feel watching your Uncle Sam hoard all the sticky buns around the family table?

The federal government spent $2.9 trillion in 2008, but $3.7 trillion in 2012. Every year, we’re spending $800 billion more under Obama. The sequester would walk that back to $700 billion per year above 2008 spending. So Washington, D.C., is screaming while spending an extra $700 billion bonus.

The Pentagon says it can’t afford to fuel up an aircraft carrier. If you believe that, you are in danger of voting Democrat. Hundreds of criminals are now roaming the streets, threatening our families. Illegal aliens waiting to be deported were released instead of being returned home. Now, remember: The Obama administration has chosen to detain only illegal aliens who have been convicted of independent crimes. That’s Obama’s policy. So those locked up are the worst of the worst. Yet the White House says no one knows who made the decision. If you believe that …

Obama appears with firemen and police – who are paid for by state and county governments – and claims the federal sequester will put your family at risk. There are 130,000 more federal employees today than when Obama took office, according to Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly. Obama warns that federal employees may be furloughed. But that could be because Obama added 130,000 new federal workers since 2008.

What was happening in 2008? Were planes flying? Were there three-hour waits at airports? Were teachers at work in schools? Were firemen putting out fires? From 2004 to 2008, spending had already soared so explosively that conservatives rebelled against Republican insiders, rallied behind Sarah Palin, then formed the tea party in 2009. The $2.7 trillion spent in 2008 was already outrageously high. Now we’re at $3.7 trillion.

But addicts can grow violent when their addiction is threatened. For politicians, spending is an addiction. Tell a heroin addict that you are cutting him off. Panic, hysteria and even violence may result. Talk of cancelling planned increases in spending is giving Washington junkies the shakes. The clumsy response to 2 percent canceled increases signals an addiction.

Jonathon Moseley

Jonathon Moseley is a Board member of the Northern Virginia Tea Party, and Executive Director of American Border Control. He served as Executive Director of the Legal Affairs Council.

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4 thoughts on “Will Dems’ budget blackmail strategy backfire?

  1. MaeBelle Barger says:

    A good, moral,decent President who has taken an oath to protect the Constitution and the citizens of this Country would be allaying the fears and calming the people instead of running all over the Country screaming FIRE, FIRE, DOOM AND DISASTER… Obama has cried Wolf too often…Now we all know what he is…A traitor in the White House and one that has only one agenda…To bring down this Great Country….Obama has given so many reasons to be impeached and thrown in Prison BUT No one wants his fool of a Vice President to succeed him….Biden is Obama's Insurance Policy….When is the Congress going to file Articles of Impeachment??? They may not find him guilty, but they can keep him so busy he doesn't have time to cause anymore trouble!!! THE FOX IS IN THE HENHOUSE FOLKS!!! WAKE UP!!!

  2. KB Cook says:

    Pillar #5— Force. In socialism, force and fear go hand in hand. All human activity is restrained or compelled to action with the appropriate use of force— penalties, fines, restrictions, hidden laws, and a multitude of taxes. Under Ruler’s Law, force is always controlled by the Ruler. When government begins violating basic rights with force, and the people are powerless to stop it, then Pillar #5 is well underway. When that force becomes deadly, and the people are fearful of the government, and for their lives, that is communism.

    Skousen, Paul B. (2012-10-04). The Naked Socialist (The Naked Series) (Kindle Locations 276-281). Ensign Publishing. Kindle Edition.

  3. Marinegmom says:

    With all the weapons, drones, tanks, disarming Americans, he is well on his way to becoming a true dictator. And staying in office for the rest of his life. God help OUR Country, not his Country.

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