Hysterical tweets on ‘Sequesterpocalygeddon Day’

sequestration day
Photo Credit: Just Piper

The sky hasn’t fallen yet and the earth still spins even though sequestration day has arrived.

Twitchy compiled the most hysterical sequestration day tweets from some well-known folks Friday morning and reported, “Sequesterpocalygeddon Day: ‘Early reports of cannibalism, food hoarding’ from Twitter.”

Enjoy some of the best tweets from Twitchy:

‪@DanaPerino Looks like “gedden” is the new “gate.” Can be attached to any word to describe the sequester, judging by the headlines.

‪@DRUDGE_REPORT 11:59:59 http://drudge.tw/13tklRU

‪@JonahNRO Gonna let my daughter enjoy the innocence of sleep a bit longer. Then I have to teach her to get used to mortal combat and cannibalism.

@JonahNRO First rule of sequester is to keep your head on a swivel in anticipation of the vicious cockfights to come.

@BretBaier it’s gonna be a rough one RT ‪@jpodhoretz Just looked out the window. Five hedge fund guys fighting over a piece of raw meat. ‪#sequester

Joshua Treviño ‪@jstrevino Cruelest effects of sequestration hitting Austin hard as well-off white liberals forced to mix with poor people and minorities at La Fiesta.

‪@jstrevino Cutting off Internet is perhaps the cruelest sequestration move. How am I posting this, you ask? Carrier pigeon to Twitter HQ, of course.

John Hayward ‪@Doc_0 Sequester Day 1: massive death toll feared as America tries to survive under the insanely tight federal spending levels of Spring 2010

‪@Doc_0 Sequester Day 1: early reports of cannibalism, food hoarding cause panic, but later it was learned they all came from Michael Moore’s house

‪@Cameron_Gray If my sequester lasts for more than 4 hours, I will seek medical attention immediately

John Nolte ‪@NolteNC Outside my window the trees are on fire and my neighbor is slow-cooking my other neightbor’s leg over a fire. Sequester today?

Brian Faughnan ‪@BrianFaughnan Those I pity the most are the poor fools who wake from comas to a post sequester world where the dead walk and wonder ‘Dear God, how?’


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