Ann Coulter fired up on Hannity: ‘Your little friend Marco Rubio better be paying attention’

Ann Coulter didn’t need much prodding to get fired up in Thursday’s interview with Sean Hannity on Fox News.

After calling the liberal media “hothouse flowers” because of their reaction to one of their own,  Bob Woodward’s war with the White House, Coulter ripped into Marco Rubio, reminding him of the perceived flaws in his immigration plan.

“Your little friend Marco Rubio better be paying attention here because his plan of legalization first and then we are going to trust the Obama administration,” is a problem,  Coulter said after expressing shock at the recent release of criminal illegals by Obama and the administration. Coulter was particularly disgusted by the potential future crimes that could occur because of Obama’s political move and suggested conservatives track the released criminals.

In what she called the “fireman first rule,” Coulter pointed out that the scare tactics used by Obama are outrageous, but tried and true.

“I will say that I am going to an end of the world orgy tonight in anticipation of the world ending when the sequester kicks in,” she said with her signature sarcasm. “For the next ten years, federal spending will only increase by 2.4 trillion instead of 2.5 trillion.”

“Those are the actual numbers.”

Video credit Mediaite

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18 thoughts on “Ann Coulter fired up on Hannity: ‘Your little friend Marco Rubio better be paying attention’

  1. Bobby says:

    Run a "COULTER HANNITY" TICKET!!!!!! Marion, I think most people would go for Coulter, but Hannity is now for amnesty, when he was dead set against it a mere year ago. Anyone that changes his mind that fast, WOULD BE THE TYPICAL WORTHLESS RINO, WHICH IS WHAT HANNITY IS. I'd rather elect Combs, who makes no bones about his open borders treson. At least he's a democrat with "integrity".

  2. Bobby says:

    LAST COMMENT!! Didn't anyone of these "brilliant" commentators like Hannity, read the story of how Central American countries as well as Mexico, are interfering in our politics and advocating for AMNESTY. God, when it comes to so many so-called "sharp" Americans like Hannity, and the phony RINO Republican Party,STUPID IS AS STUPID DOES.

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