Angry New Yorkers protest strict new gun law

More than 5,000 people joined National Rifle Association President David Keene Thursday in Albany, New York to protest the state’s new gun control law.

The New York Post reported the angry crowd was peaceful, but their message to Gov. Andrew Cuomo was not subtle.

“What’s happened in New York is outrageous,” the Post reported Keene said. “Nothing in the legislation that he’s passed is going to prevent another Newtown.”

Eric Schroader from Buffalo held a sign that “featured a likeness of Cuomo as Hitler.” The sign read, “All in favor of gun control, please raise your right hand.”

“He’s doing the same thing [as Hitler],” Schroader told the Post. “This is how it started. Take the guns away from people, and they don’t have a way to defend themselves against tyranny.”

“It’s not about taking away anyone’s gun,” Cuomo said in response.

According to Cuomo, 70 percent of New Yorkers support gun control. He said the strict new gun law was a “reasonable approach” to tackling the issue.



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