Ira Sabin
GOP boss: Don’t talk about Allen West voter fraud or other ‘oddball issues’

The newly elected chairman of the Palm Beach County Republican Party told his board members Monday not to speak to the media or schedule speaking engagements without […]

Kicking the Can
Next generation group to Obama: Stop ‘kicking the can’

In a new ad released by the YG Network pegs the Obama administration as lacking in leadership with four years of trillion dollar deficits and a sequester […]

Tom Rooney on House floor
Rep. Tom Rooney condemns release of criminal illegal aliens

Following the release of criminal illegal aliens from U.S. detention centers, on Wednesday Rep. Tom Rooney (FL-17) spoke on the House floor condemning the Obama administration decision. […]

twitter logo
Study shows Fla. elected officials score low grades in Twitter use

Surprise! Politicians are using Twitter primarily to brag about their accomplishments. While that seems like an obvious conclusion, the real surprise is that Republicans are doing much […]

Failed green energy company now toxic waste dump

A company that President Barack Obama once claimed would provide “more than 1,500 permanent” green energy jobs has now become a Colorado toxic waste dump. In his […]

Calif. Rep Maxine Waters
Dems’ unbelievable demand to stop debt clock from running in Capitol

I thought only babies believed if you can’t see it, it isn’t there. Two big baby Democrat members of Congress threw a temper tantrum Tuesday during a […]

Judge Cylenthia Miller
Detroit judge’s shocking attendance record

It’s advisable to set your coffee down before viewing the following video. My Fox Detroit monitors 36th District Court Judge Cylenthia Miller for 3 weeks, of which […]

Michelle Obama
ABC covers for Michelle Obama’s misinformation on shooting of teen from inauguration

ABC offered a ridiculous explanation for editing Michelle Obama’s incorrect statement that an automatic weapon was used in a Chicago teen’s shooting death on Tuesday’s “Good Morning […]

Supreme Court to decide federal involvement in states’ voting rights

While Congress and the White House squabble over sequestration cuts and gun control, the Supreme Court quietly heard what may be a landmark voting rights case, Shelby […]

Sheriff David A. Clarke Jr.
Milwaukee sheriff warns of uprising, second American revolution over guns

Milwaukee County Sheriff David A. Clarke Jr. told Judge Jeanine Pirro on Sunday that if local police are called on to enforce harsh gun control measuresx, it […]

O’Reilly’s awkward on-air lesson for Rubio: How to sip water like Obama

Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) appeared on Bill O’Reilly’s Fox News show on Tuesday to give his take on the sequestration, but O’Reilly managed to slip in some advice […]

Hillary Clinton
NC progressives accidentally expose national strategy in leaked memo

A progressive left organization in North Carolina was exposed last week for using “bad judgement” on how to attack Gov. Pat McCrory and other Republican leaders in […]