Texas student punished for refusing to recite Mexican pledge

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The teaching methods of today’s educators are getting increasingly outrageous, but students are at last beginning to fight back.

After a Texas high school student was punished for refusing to stand and recite the Mexican pledge of allegiance and sing the Mexican national anthem in her Spanish class, she filed a lawsuit against both the school and her teacher.

The Thomas More Law Center, which represents the student, Brenda Brinsdon, is a prominent, conservative nonprofit based in Ann Arbor, Mich. In its press release, the firm says Achieve Early College High School, the school being sued on behalf of the then-15-year-old sophomore, ironically allows students to opt out of reciting the American pledge but not the Mexican one.

Brinsdon’s mother was born in Mexico and she is fluent in both English and Spanish and is also proud of her Mexican roots. Nonetheless, she refused to take part in the exercise because her conscience would not allow her to pledge allegiance to a country other than the United States.

“Ironically, the assignment to recite the Mexican pledge was given during the school’s celebration of Freedom Week, marking the 10th anniversary of the 9/11 terror attacks and also on U.S. Constitution Day,” the Thomas More Law Center notes.

The lawsuit was filed in a Texas U.S. District Court on freedom of speech and equal protection grounds.

According to the Thomas More Law Center:

Santos [her teacher] gave Brenda an alternate assignment; write an essay on the Independence of Mexico.  While performing above average on all previous assignments in the class, Brenda completed this assignment on time but was given a failing grade. She was also required to sit in class over the next several days and listen to student after student reciting the Mexican pledge.

Following the incident, Brenda was involuntarily removed from her Spanish class.  She spent the class hour in the school’s office, even though she requested to return to the classroom.  Brenda was also given a failing grade on her report card, which was later corrected.

“Too many Americans — including those of Mexican descent — have suffered and died protecting our nation,” Richard Thompson, president and chief counsel of the Thomas More Law Center, said in the press release. “It’s astonishing that this Texas school would deny Brenda her right of conscience and free speech not to pledge allegiance to a foreign country. There is a sad trend in public schools across our nation to undermine American patriotism. But it’s encouraging to see students like Brenda stand up for America despite pressure from school officials.”

Read more at the Thomas More Law Center.

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14 thoughts on “Texas student punished for refusing to recite Mexican pledge

  1. American says:

    This story can not be true. No American teacher would do such a thing, even while drugged out of her mind. No principal would ever be so stupid. Both would be fired on the spot, or the school administration would be removed. This is simply beyond belief.

    1. Sean Findley says:

      The teacher wasn't American. She was a beaner

  2. barbara says:

    American is living with rose-colored glasses on. Of course teachers are indoctrinating students–constantly–and will do exactly what this teacher did. Ask any student. She and the administration should all be removed.

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