Study shows Fla. elected officials score low grades in Twitter use

megaphoneSurprise! Politicians are using Twitter primarily to brag about their accomplishments. While that seems like an obvious conclusion, the real surprise is that Republicans are doing much better in social media than Democrats.

In a landmark study conducted over a two week period, Ozean Media rated the Twitter usage of Florida’s elected federal and statewide officials, and members of the state legislature.

“Overall, Republicans earn a C and Democrats an F in twitter usage; however, when we grade on a curve Florida’s Republican officials perform better than the Democratic officials.  The good news is there is room for dramatic improvement,” the study’s author, Alex Patton, said.

Of the Republicans, Sen. Marco Rubio leads the pack with the most followers, while Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz is the most followed of the Democrats. Wasserman Schultz also tops the list as the Dems “most prolific tweeter”, and Rep. Dennis Ross holds that honor for the GOP.

The study explored these questions:

Are Florida’s elected officials using Twitter?

Is there a digital divide that separates Republican and Democrat elected officials in Florida?

How are Florida’s elected officials using Twitter?

Which of Florida’s elected officials could be considered to be embracing Twitter?

Are there recommendations to be made to Florida’s elected officials in their use of Twitter?

Data was pulled from multiple sources and compared to “Twitter superstars” such as the University of Florida, President Obama, and Justin Bieber.

According to Patton, Florida’s elected officials use Twitter more as a “broadcast media channel,” rather than a social media outlet.

“For Florida’s elected officials to truly realize the power of Twitter and social media, they must embrace the social part by talking with people, not only talking to people,” Patton concluded.

See the entire study, OMG! Don’t forget: It’s Social Media: A Report Card of Florida’s Elected Officials Use of Twitter here.


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