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Sean Hannity discusses Ellison’s shamefully explosive meltdown

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Sean Hannity took time Wednesday to discuss the epic rant he endured from Minnesota Rep. Keith Ellison the evening before on his show.

If you haven’t seen Ellison’s epic rant, you can read about and watch it here: Hannity endures explosive verbal attack from crazed Dem. congressman.

Hannity played clips from the exchange with the “incoherent” Ellison showing how Ellison wouldn’t answer questions on President Obama’s role in the upcoming sequester and current debt crisis.

Hannity asked former Congressman JC Watts why Obama supporters “can’t acknowledge basic, simple truths?”

Mediaite summed up Hannity’s frustration with the left and liberals like Ellison:

Hannity asked why Democrats have to resort to smear tactics and fearmongering in order to get their points across. Watts said that the United States is facing an economic “day of reckoning” and liberals do not want to seriously deal with it.

Watch Hannity discuss Ellison’s meltdown via Mediaite:


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