Rep. Tom Rooney condemns release of criminal illegal aliens

Following the release of criminal illegal aliens from U.S. detention centers, on Wednesday Rep. Tom Rooney (FL-17) spoke on the House floor condemning the Obama administration decision.

Rooney said the policy not only is a short-sighted scare tactic, but it is also a completely inappropriate way to handle our nation’s fiscal problems. He added that by releasing these criminals out into our communities, the Obama administration is playing politics with Americans’ safety.

See Rooney’s comments here:


6 thoughts on “Rep. Tom Rooney condemns release of criminal illegal aliens

  1. KB Cook says:

    Those who will stand up to and call out our naked emperor and his minions for foolhardy and costly decisions are to be commended and (if you're of the mind to) be prayed for that they will continue to have the courage and commitment to continue speaking the truth to we-the-people and anyone else in the room with ears to hear!

  2. Larry Miller says:

    There wasn't any mistake, the order to release criminals came from the top, and channeled through Obama. The person making the ''mistake'' will be put on ''vacation'', and will not go hungry.

    These people in Obama's corrupt regime are the sneakiest criminals anyone could ever find.

  3. Stephen Goodman says:

    Pontification is easy. Action is difficult for our politicians, who spent so much time pontificating during Hillary's Benghazi hearings that there was little time for actual Q&A. The people appreciate ACTION, lawmakers, and don't listen to individual soundbytes any longer.

  4. Chuck Ross says:

    This is the most idiotic move that I have ever heard. One they were illegal two the committed a crime. If they want to take them out of our jails send them back home and tell them that if they return they will be shot on site. It is about time that we stop playing patty cake with these people. This government has got to change we have to get back to some sort of common sense.

  5. Dave Francis says:

    Democrats are blaming Republicans for the “Sequester” when it was President Obama signed it into law. Now he is using intimidation by alarming the American people, about the outcome of this law. All but in secrecy Homeland Security sent an interoffice memo to release up to 10,000 illegal aliens back on the streets. The 40 million Tea Party members are watching carefully the Liberal-Democrats and the Socialist Czars who craft most of the laws, designed to cripple the America we know. Democrats are issuing more freebies to the unknown numbers of majority groups, the poor and the freeloaders. Food stamps are more or less being passed out on a “Carte Blanche” basis and even free cell phones to anybody who applies. Some GOP Senators and Congressional leaders are running scared, because of the loss of the general election, when the truth is slowly emerging of giant irregularities of non-citizens voting. Now we have legislators as John McCain, Lindsey Graham and others cringing to the demand that 20 to 30 million foreigners gain immediate legal status.

    Next on the Democrats list is passing another illegal Alien amnesty, with a previous 1986 (IRCA) was poorly organized and full of fraudulent application and yet 6 million illegal migrants and immigrants were awarded a Path to Citizenship. The law was dictated to as the new one gaining momentum by the special interests, agriculture, unions, faith groups, corporations yet not the General Public? A new well regulated law to enforce Guest Worker jobs should be imposed, but temporary and must leave once the visa is expired. Farmers should pay all, fees, benefits, health Care, wages and not handed down to the unsuspecting taxpayer. It is the same with new immigrants who must already have employment, a financially adequate sponsor, who must support their charge and not taxpayers. What did it bring us, millions of more procuring citizenship welfare and an intensification to encourage even more foreigners skirting our borders, smuggled children and families?

    The country is in a dire emergency with a 17 trillion dollar debt, with Obama’s minions spending and spending and demanding more taxes to pay for another amnesty if it is enacted. The last Amnesty is still being paid for in illegal municipal ordinances as Sanctuary Cities, and federal pushes as the Dream Act, crucifying the taxpayer with Family Unification Chain Migration adding even more millions of people who will need Social Security and money to live on when retired? Petition your Representative in Washington at NumbersUSA or make the effort to call them through the main government switchboard at 202) 224-3121. There are an estimated 23 million Americans either not working, but with pressing demand of big businesses their advocates that roam the halls of Congress still are gaining favors. The E-Verify provision of THE LEGAL WORKFORCE ACT must find passage in Congress, before any new immigration laws are given priority, also to include the 2006Secure Fence Act. Not one fence but at least two, stretching from Texas to California. In addition THE BIRTHRIGHT CITIZENSHIP ACT to be voted on to stop the intentional smuggling of children into our nation from across the world, to gain immediate citizenship. These laws will draw to a close the hundreds of billions of dollars collected by people of foreign status.

  6. Rich says:

    Law abiding Americans have to obey the law or they go to jail. Illegals get rewarded and have both parties pandering to them. Scott reneged on his promise to push e-verity through.

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