Minnesota Senate institutionalizes voter fraud

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Al Franken: Another six years?
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Al Franken, the man who was elevated to the U.S. Senate amid cries of voter fraud, examples of which are are still being uncovered, is up for re-election in 2014. It now appears that the Minnesota Senate wants to give him a leg up in that effort.

As late as August, The Washington Examiner’s Byron York noted that Franken won his seat by just 312 votes in an election in which 1,099 felons voted. That fact alone should have caused the electorate to demand measures to give the electoral process integrity.

But Minnesota is doing the exact opposite according to Minnesota Majority, which is a non-profit founded “to promote traditional values in state and federal public policy through grassroots activism on the part of its members,” according to its website.

In its Wednesday meeting, the Minnesota Senate elections committee transformed a two-page bill designed to regulate poll-challengers into a 66-page election reform bill that Minnesota Majority calls a “Voter Fraud Expansion Bill.” And it managed to do all this within 30 minutes.

A few of the bill’s highlights include:

The bill would allow early voters to be “vouched” for, enabling a single fraudster to vote under multiple false identities for weeks on end.

Early voters will be allowed to cast live, immediately accepted and tabulated ballots before their identity and eligibility is verified. Early voters can use vouching, so they can really amplify the notion of “vote early, vote often,” over and over again for weeks on end.

Reduction in the number of partisan “poll challengers,” the observers appointed by all major political parties to observe voting in polling places whose job is to challenge suspected ineligible voters – it also severely restricts the abilities and authority of poll challengers.

Reduces the penalties for fraudulently registering to vote

Reduces the penalties for causing others to be intentionally registered to vote fraudulently (from a felony to a misdemeanor) – for example, a person who registers a mentally incapacitated person to vote, who is not eligible to vote would be guilty of a misdemeanor, instead of the felony charge under current law.

Removes the absolute requirement for county attorneys to investigate and (upon finding probable cause) to prosecute voter fraud allegations.

Minnesota voters defeated a constitutional amendment that would have required photo ID as a condition for voting. By so doing, the state took its first step to remove integrity from the ballot box.The Minnesota Senate now appears to be completing that process.

As a result, I’m sure that it can look forward to at least another six years of Al Franken.

Read more at Minnesota Majority.


9 thoughts on “Minnesota Senate institutionalizes voter fraud

  1. KB Cook says:

    I, to my sincere distress, live in this voter-fraudulent cesspool of a state and only by the grace of God do I live one (count it – 1) mile from the street that divides my 1/2 district (under Representative Erik Paulsen-R) from the other half of our district (under Mr. Ellison-D of the recent Hannity-rant fame).

    On election day evening this past Nov., I purposefully showed the line-up of could-care-less ladies in the polling place my picture-ID-drivers' license in an effort to prove that I am who I am and that I live where I live, but the woman who checked off my name and handed me my ballot form told me to put it away – that she didn't need to see it. To that I replied, "I think you SHOULD HAVE TO SEE IT!" Her response was a very well-done, possibly Oscar-worthy, snarling scowl. And she was not what is commonly called "Minnesota Nice."

    I went to the empty voters' booth and voted. While waiting for my husband to finish his ballot, I watched as dozens of Somalians came in in groups of 4-8 at a time, showed a copy of their electric bills as proof of residency, signed their names and received their ballots. The men (who obviously could read) went to the voters' booths. The women (who obviously could not read) sat down at a central table (made available for the physically handicapped) and the one who had the ability to read pointed to the places where she had been taught to cast a vote and thereby told the other women how to vote. This went on for about 10-15 minutes before we left the polling place.

    You will NEVER EVER be able to convince me that Minnesota has honest voters' rolls and is without voter fraud. And now it's a law that you can be a fraudulent voter in our state. It just doesn't get better than that – that is if your a liberal, socialist, Marxist, islamist, Communist ideology supporter. You can choose any combination in the list – they all work here in MN.

  2. J. Q. Adams says:

    Only Somalians who are U.S. citizens are allowed to vote. I personally drove a number of excited new citizens to the polls in Rochester and celebrated with others at the victory party election night. The claims of voter fraud in Minnesota are so false! Dan McGrath of Minnesota Majority needs to quit being a puppet of ALEC and learn to fight for truth and fairness. There is no voter fraud in Minnesota.

    1. KB Cook says:

      What color is the sky in your universe? Never mind, I think I already know. No response necessary.

    2. TruthSpeaker says:

      J.Q. Adams- Actually, there is a huge problem with voter fraud in Minnesota- that's how Al Franken won. Because there is no legal requirement in Minnesota to show any ID at the polls- fraud is rampant, and with these crazy new changes- fraud will get easier. Minnesota has NO mechanism in place to determine lawful voter from illegal voter- so your very first sentence, while technically correct, is meaningless! If YOU were fighting for truth and fairness- you'd be SUPPORTIVE of voter ID requirements, as it is the best way to ensure that ONLY legitimate voters are permitted to cast ballots, thereby keeping lines shorter, and elections fair. But you liberals are ALWAYS against voter ID laws because it reduces fraudulent votes that you always count on!

      1. Rob says:

        Obviously fraud will be easier. Furthermore, they know fraud is anticipated by the Democrats. Why else would they reduce the penalty for voter fraud? You know if the shoe was n the other foot and it was the Repubs and Independents committing the crime, they would want maximum penalties to be enforced to deter the fraud. People have to ask the question: What motive would cause a system to weaken penalties unless they are planning on committing the crime them self. what the Repubs need to do is to pick up roots and move out of the State taking their business with them. Leave the Democrats in that State and watch it die. No jobs = no personal income, no corporate or personal income tax revenue for the State. If these Democrats want to pollute and corrupt the State and the System, then let them sink just like Detroit is. Since the Republicans have moved out of places such as Chicago, Detroit, Cleveland and so on. These areas have become bigger armpits of the world than all of Africa is. I've worked in more than 36 Countries and even in Africa, I'm safer walking down the Street than I am in those cities. The call their self a civilized nation. The rats that run the streets and sewers of Bangkok, Thailand are cleaner than these animals living in these cities.

    3. just peeved says:

      You are the Problem , I hope when they start lining people up to be shot you are 1st in My line

    4. Rob says:

      There is as much voter fraud in Minnesota as there is in all the other States that don't require voter ID. Every State that don't require ID has cases of voter fraud being discovered every week and still being discovered and investigated. Many people have been investigated and some have been charged and some have been excused based on ignorance of law because democrats at the election polls are misinforming the communist twits who's IQ is in the single digits, obvious right about where you land bus driver.

  3. tHE dIPPSER dOODLER says:


  4. Rob says:

    Well, Sometimes you have to fight fire with fire. I think we are going to have to give these libtards / democrat aka Communist a dose of their own medicine. We need to use the same voting tactics that they do and everyone cast 5-8 votes each.

    I'll guarantee they will want to change the rules when they get beat at their own game. They try to jumble around the district lines and redistrict the lines to play in their favor. They can't say much when the Repubs and the independents start getting 140% voters in each district like the Dems did in November

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