Arizona Congressman: “Is Fast and Furious part of the president’s gun proposal?

Mark SalmonAn Arizona Republican lawmaker who is unimpressed with President Obama’s proposed gun legislation to date, criticized him and asked if a renewed Fast and Furious probe might be included in the list.

“My home is the home to Fast and Furious, where there was gun-running across the Mexican border, and you know we still haven’t gotten any clear answers,” U.S. Rep. Matt Salmon said according to Red Alert Politics.

“Is that part of the President’s gun proposal? To finally come to grips and find out what actually happened with Fast and Furious and how far it went up to the top, to Eric Holder? Because I haven’t heard that yet.”

Salmon made his remarks at a monthly “Conversation with Conservatives” where he added that enforcing current gun laws would be a better solution than enacting newer and stricter laws.

“I agree with my colleague from Arizona,” Rep. Tim Huelskamp, R-Kan. said. “The President did offer 23 executive actions that he proposed. I believe it was number 13 that I do agree with, which is enhanced enforcement of our current laws. The problem is, that’s his job. That’s the attorney general’s job. And I would appreciate if they would do their jobs.”

Read more at Red Alert Politics.

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2 thoughts on “Arizona Congressman: “Is Fast and Furious part of the president’s gun proposal?

  1. KB Cook says:

    In the Bible, this kind of 'government' (I use the term very, very loosely) is called "lawlessness." From the Garden of Eden till now, lawlessness has never worked out well. If only the laws that are already on our books were enforced according to the "spirit" in which they were written, we would be far, far better off as a nation. But when (in essence) the whole body of our elected representatives within our constitutional republican system are "lawless" men and women, I think it's safe to say: "Houston, we have a problem."

    Until we-the-people who are the true governors of our nation hold accountable the representatives who are elected to actually represent us (whether we voted for them or not, I daresay), we will see lawlessness prevail. When we are surrounded by our enemies, we're in the right place to fire-at-will (by way of the voting booth) and we're bound to bring down at least one or two of them!

  2. Well said. Let's keep the dialogue going. I have just as much right as the president…and I am not going to let him and his cohorts dictate my future. I will speak and answer to all…not put my thumb in my mouth and ask for fairness.

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