Shuchman obit to New York Times: Drop dead

Israeli-born New York City resident Amos Shuchman, 84, hated the New York Times in life and made sure the paper knew it after his death.

Shuchman’s paid obituary in the Times read: “Loved everything about NYC, except The New York Times.”

The New York Post, which Shuchman was a fan of according to his son Daniel, said Wednesday Amos “didn’t like the Times’ coverage of Israel.”

Daniel told the Post, ““To put it diplomatically, [Amos] did not believe that the Times provided honest and objective reporting on these and other important matters,”

According to the article:

Daniel Shuchman acknowledged that his father might not have liked his obit because he would “not have wanted to generate revenue for the Times.”

But “he would have laughed heartily at the irony and the posthumous attention the obituary is getting,’’ the son said.

“We think he is in heaven now with a New York Post and a falafel sandwich, having a good chuckle over this notoriety,” Daniel told the Post.

We are chuckling, Mr. Shuchman! R.I.P., sir!



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