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O’Reilly’s awkward on-air lesson for Rubio: How to sip water like Obama

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Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) appeared on Bill O’Reilly’s Fox News show on Tuesday to give his take on the sequestration, but O’Reilly managed to slip in some advice on how to take a sip of water while on television.

Rubio said that he believed the automatic cuts will kick in on Friday but that the solution to the problems the U.S. faces is rapid dynamic economic growth.

“But we can’t have rapid dynamic economic growth if we don’t bring our budget problems here under control,” Rubio explained. “This is not the best way to do it, but it’s better than raising taxes as an alternative and it’s better than doing nothing.”

Rubio said the ideal solution would be to reform Medicare and those programs that are driving up the long term debt.

Turning to the State of the Union response and the media reaction to “water-gate”, O’Reilly asked if Rubio was surprised that there was such an uproar over his taking a sip of water.

“I think everyday people that watch, you know normal people in the everyday world, they look at that and say what’s the big deal? People that don’t like you will harp on it certainly,” Rubio said. “It is what it is, I mean that’s the state of political coverage today in America. I knew that when I got involved in politics and service.”

In what seemed to be an awkward moment for Rubio, O’Reilly explained how to tell the audience in advance about taking a drink of water, then demonstrated.

“That’s what’s called performing, and you know who is a brilliant performer doing that, do you know?” Reilly asked. “Barack Obama! He’s got everything on the teleprompter.”

“It’s good advice and I’ll take it,” Rubio said.

See the O’Reilly interview here:



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