Milwaukee sheriff warns of uprising, second American revolution over guns

Milwaukee County Sheriff David A. Clarke Jr. told Judge Jeanine Pirro on Sunday that if local police are called on to enforce harsh gun control measuresx, it could very well lead to a second American revolution.

If called on to enforce such measures by the federal government, Clarke said “I would not be a part of something like this. One of the reasons is I wouldn’t want to get shot.”

“If the feds try to do that — disarm this country? You would see an uprising, and maybe the — ah — a version of the second American revolution.”


3 thoughts on “Milwaukee sheriff warns of uprising, second American revolution over guns

  1. KB Cook says:

    Smart fellow, don't you think? But I think he's right about one thing: citizens who are forced to turn over legally gotten weapons will get hot under the collar and may chose to settle things in the "OK Corral" method of negotiation. I look for things to get pretty dicey as the Feds pressure the people to do an unconstitutional thing. Shame on them.

  2. Fred Flintstone says:

    Bravo Sheriff Clark, Jr! Piers Morgan is a bully! No, Piers and Mayor Barrett, we do not support Univeral Background checks b/c it creates a gun registry! Criminals are going to get the guns regardless! Do not punish law abiding gun owners.

    It's ironic that Piers uses the example of the 36 yr old woman in Milwaukee who fires a weapon in the air b/c her neighbors were being rowdy and then blames the Sheriff when confronted by police by saying the sheriff said it was ok to arm herself. Actually, Piers, VP Biden said to buy a 12 gauge shotgun b/c that's all a person needs to defend themselves AND to fire 2 rounds it in the air to scare away criminals. (I'd like to see Piers shoot a 12 gauge shotgun).

  3. KitKatLady says:

    Smart man. You are correct, sir. My household will stand and fight. We will take out as many gun confiscators as we can before they take us out. From our cold dead hands…………..

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